6 Recycling Tips for the Home

6 Recycling Tips for the Home

It has become imperative in the modern times to understand and acknowledge that the greatest threat modern man faces today is ecological problems such as global warming, extreme temperatures, natural disasters, earthquakes and floods. We believe that these calamities are beyond human comprehension and control; but the truth is, it is a result of human actions. Each of us can do simple things at home to save the earth. Here are 6 recycling tips for the home.

1. Compartmentalize your dustbin

Create two separate compartments in your dustbins, perhaps with different colored baskets or bag. When you discard your waste, you will be able to sort them out on an everyday basis. It’s not very different from throwing trash in the bin. The only difference is that you separate the waste from the beginning, making the process easier.

2. Recycle bathroom products

Your bathroom is a place where you find innumerable things that you can recycle. This includes old shampoo and conditioner bottles, shower gels, cardboard soap boxes and toilet paper rolls. Create a separate recycle bin in your bathroom for similar such products which you can collect later and send it for recycling.

3. Reuse old CDS as coasters

Rather than investing in new coasters which are made of cardboard and glossy paper, you can glue your old CDs together, wrap them up and paint or decorate them to give a desired chic look. You don’t have to invest in paper and money and add to further slaughtering of trees.

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