5 Reasons Why Bullying Is Harmful

5 Reasons Why Bullying Is Harmful

Bullying is an act of forcing someone to do something that they are not interested in. People who are physically stronger often bully the weaker ones. You may think that bullying happens only at schools, but no! It can happen in restaurants, workplaces or trains. Here are some reasons why bullying is harmful.

1. Severe damage to the bullied ones

Bullying is one of the worst things that a person can do. It can cause severe damage to the one who is being bullied. The person being bullied will feel uncomfortable, scared, embarrassed and helpless. In some cases, bullying can even lead to suicidal thoughts. Though the one who bullies may enjoy the act tremendously, the one who is being bullied suffers a lot.

2. Can prove to be fatal

When a person is being bullied constantly it may result in them becoming helpless and desperate. If they do not have anybody to ask for help and cannot stand the bullying anymore, they may look for alternate ways to put an end to the bullying such as committing suicide. Bullying thus can prove fatal in some cases.

3. May change life

Constant bullying can alter a person’s life for worse. People who are often bullied may lose confidence in themselves and become fearful of everything. They may feel small and hopeless. They will even fear to come in public. This fear and helplessness may continue through out their lives thus compelling them to lead an estranged and unsatisfying life.

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