Some Great Day Makeup Tips for You

Some Great Day Makeup Tips for You

For a lot of women, stepping out of the house without makeup is unfathomable. While some need their daily dose of cosmetics to cover blemishes, others are just attuned to applying makeup everyday. Here are a few tips on how to apply day makeup.

1. Foundation

Start with applying a coat of foundation on your freshly washed face and always buy a foundation that compliment your skin type. A lot of women tend to skip the foundation part completely and opt for a tinted moisturizer or a face primer instead. While this can work for day time as generally one tends to keep make up to a bare minimum, it might not be feasible for women who have a lot of blemishes and pigmentation to cover.

2. Warmer tones

Opt for warmer tones while applying makeup on the eyes, cheeks and lips. You do not need very heavy makeup during the day and this is why you should opt for warmer shades to give a basic look. For lipsticks, you can opt for shades of matte pink, light brown, coral or even a lighter shade of red while the eye shadows can be anything excluding black, dark purple and darker shades of red. You can completely opt out of using blush during the day but if you must, then settle for light pink or peach.

3. Pressed powder

You can complete the look with a few dabs of pressed powder but try not to overdo it especially during the summer. Women who tend to sweat profusely must blot out the excess oil and moisture from their face with the help of a blotting paper or a tissue and then apply some pressed powder on. Direct application of powder on oily face would make it look cakey and clumped.

You do not require too much of makeup during the day as opposed to the evening. While applying your daily day makeup ensures that you do not overdo it, just the basic touch up will work just fine. If you have clear healthy skin, you can even do without makeup.

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