5 Tips to Achieve Better Sleep During Pregnancy

5 Tips to Achieve Better Sleep During Pregnancy

With all the hormonal changes going on during pregnancy, it may become difficult to catch that peaceful night sleep. The bulging belly and the constant back pain further aggravate the discomfort. The emotional changes, mood swings, anxiety and depression all add to pregnancy insomnia and trouble sleeping. But to combat all this, follow these tips to achieve better sleep during pregnancy:

1. Stay away from tea and coffee

Caffeine is especially not recommended during pregnancy, especially in high doses. Pregnant women should not drink tea or coffee in the evening or night. This will help them get proper sleep.

2. Sleep peacefully with pregnancy pillow

There are many specialized pregnancy pillows available which are designed to provide proper support to back and body during pregnancy. Making use of such a pillow helps you get in a comfortable posture. This ensures that you sleep peacefully without any aches or physical discomfort disturbing your sleep. In case you don’t have a pregnancy pillow, make use of normal pillows. Have one in between your legs to give support to your back. Use another one and sleep by hugging it like a teddy or soft toy. This will provide further support to your back.

3. Stay calm

Your emotions are all over the place during pregnancy. Mostly it’s because of the hormonal changes, but the fact that your body is undergoing such a big physical, physiological and psychological change also contributes to anxiety and frequent mood swings. All this can lead to sleep discomfort which further aggravates your irritability and anxiety. So as far as possible, you should stay calm. Try to meditate and relax. You can also join some yoga classes which would be good for you to relax. All this will help you sleep better.

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