7 Reasons Why Teenagers Find Their Lives Complicated

7 Reasons Why Teenagers Find Their Lives Complicated

Life is not complicated, it is pretty simple. What makes it complicated is our minds! And this happens majorly when you are in your teenage years. Teenage is a wonderful and a dangerous age to be in. It is one of the most sensitive periods in our lives. There are several reasons why life appears to be complicated in this phase. Listed here are 7 major reasons why teenagers find their lives complicated:

1. Low self esteem

At this age, the interplay of different new hormones in the body triggers emotional responsiveness which they have not experienced before in their life. They react to things differently; they feel differently; they experience mood swings and they occasionally do not know the reason why they are feeling so low. They also feel certain needs which they want to satisfy instantly without thinking of the future consequences. All these factors cause low self esteem as they do not really understand what is happening to them and everything seems to be out of their control. They thus lose confidence in themselves at this age.

2. Academic issues

Academic issues also result in different complications in a teenage girl’s life. Suddenly, studies are not everything that they are concerned about. There are a lot of other things happening which might appear to be more important. But, surprisingly, the rest of the world has not changed much! They are still treated as children by their parents and teachers, which might lead to frustration. They might generate the feeling that they are not that important, or that they are being taken for granted.

3. Drug/alcohol abuse

During teenage, the tendency to fall prey to alcohol or drug abuse increases severely. This might happen due to several reasons: one might be taken over by too much pressure (academic or otherwise) or might have such friends who would tell them that little of “those things” are not harmful. At the same time, the rest of the world would be telling them about the ill effects of such habits, which lead to confusion and further complications.

4. Social life

Who they talk to and who they interact with in their daily life also is responsible for unwanted complications in a teenage girl’s life. There are too many people in school, tuition classes, college and friend circle with whom they interact almost on a daily basis; and all of these people are of different kinds with whom they need to deal with regularly. Thus their social life also affects the level of complications in their life, invariably.

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