5 Reasons to Date a Short Guy

5 Reasons to Date a Short Guy

The description of an ideal guy conventionally speaking is tall, dark and handsome. Even though a woman dates a guy with light or dark complexion or slightly less handsome, all that matters is the guy should be tall. However, the shorter guys have their own interesting reasons for which you should choose them. You cannot not date or be with a guy just because of his height. Here are 5 reasons to date a short guy.

1. You can share your wardrobe with him

Clothes of a short guy, especially jeans or shorts would fit you perfectly and not look oversize or bulky. You borrow his clothes in times of emergency, like, when you are staying over with him and have forgotten to carry a pair of clothes.

2. Great character!

Your guy is funny, smart, full of life, cares for you and deeply loves you. If this is the case, it would be cruel to reject a man just because he is short and does not fit the perfect man’s code.

3. He is not a chauvinist

A short guy would prefer dating a girl who is shorter than him or at least of the same height. However, if your guy goes on his limp to ask you out despite you being taller than him, it only shows that he is not a chauvinist who believes that women must be shorter than men. He feels that height does not matter and is willing to ask you out with confidence, irrespective of your height.

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