6 Secrets to Cook Healthy Food

6 Secrets to Cook Healthy Food

Eating healthy not only keeps you fit and in good health but also boosts your immune system and keeps many diseases at bay. Eating healthy largely depends on the food that you choose to eat and also on the way you cook eat. A perfectly healthy food can become a unhealthy meal depending on the way you cook it. Take for instance potatoes, potatoes are good for your health but when fried and salted, it becomes one of the foods that you should stay away from. The way you cook your food is very important if you are keeping your weight in check and if you are concerned about your health. Here are some secrets to cook healthy food.

1. If you can boil it, don’t fry it

Try avoiding frying your food as much as possible. When you fry your foods, you are not only frying away all the nutrients in them, but you are also adding a lot of saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium to the food. Try baking or boiling your food and season it well so you can resist the need to fry.

2. Cook fresh produce

It is always recommended to eat and cook fresh produce. This is true when it comes to meat and the same can also be said of fruits and vegetables. Preserved foods contain a lot of sodium in them and are definitely not good for your heart. Always cook your eat vegetables and meat when they are fresh so that they are healthy for you.

3. Try to balance your meal

If you are making steak, make sure you have a lot of vegetables on the side. Vegetables fill up the stomach and offset the need to eat more of the steak. Also make the portions of the steak smaller and make it less rare.

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