5 Important Things That Will Surely Lead to a Breakup

Important Things That Will Surely Lead to a Breakup

If you are on the tenterhooks of a relationship,then experiencing a roller coaster ride is a par of any relationship based on love and trust. However, sometimes things can go out of control to such extents, that your partner starts stifling you or your relationship does ot hold any meaning to you. Relationships do not just work by expressing love verbally, couples need to work towards it everyday. And there are certain things you need to reflect on and some which you need to avoid. Here are 5 important things that surely lead to a break up.

1. Possessiveness & insecurity

Jealousy, possessiveness and mistrust hacks a relationship from its very roots. Being possessive to a certain extent is understandable; it makes the partner feel loved and wanted, but only in genuine cases. Scrutinizing every girl he meets or interacts with and asking him to inform you of his every move forms a deep seated feeling of insecurity.

2. Dominance & control

Your relationship has to be that of equals, one person running the show, monitoring, taking decisions and seeking obedience from your partner will either make him hen pecked or a rebel. Either ways your relationship will hit its doom very soon.

3. Lack of communication

If you are in a long distance relationship or have inflexible work schedule, remember that work should not be your first love. You need to make time and also understand that just because he is busy; it does not mean he has changed. Find opportunities and quality time.

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