5 Pitfalls of Online Dating

5 Pitfalls of Online Dating

With the advance of internet, and with people spending more time in front of the computer, the dating game has changed too, with many online dating sites mushrooming. They promise everything from wonderful dates to finding the one right perfect soul mate for you. Quite easy to fall for their marketing gimmicks, but there are many pitfalls to online dating like …

1. You could be chatting with a phantom

Not to be taken literally, but it is true that you be chatting and getting to know the wrong person. The person on the other end could say whatever he or she wants ad you would believe it and start having a relationship based on lies. The person you think of meeting up and having a relationship might never exist and it could just be the online persona or a phantom.

2. You won’t want to venture out to the real world

Sometimes you get too comfortable sitting in the comfort of your home and getting to know a lot of potential mates online that you don’t want to go out into the real world and face them in person. The company and the talks that you have online are sometimes more than enough for you and compensate for your loneliness. You just get too comfortable and don’t make the effort to go out on a real date.

3. Not all profiles are real

Not everyone in an online dating site is going to give out the complete details about them. Some can be entirely false and can be a ruse to get more hits and views. A short fat man and claim to be a tall thin person and a jobless person can claim to have a great job and it is very difficult to verify and if you are going to do that to every profile you see, you’d just feel like a detective and lose track of what you came here to do.

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