10 Great Reasons to Own a Dog

10 Great Reasons to Own a Dog

Those big puppy eyes, the moist nose and the soft skin all make your heart skip a beat. There are no enough reasons to own a dog.

1. They show you what unconditional love is

Dogs love you. They love you in the morning, when you have just woken up. They love you throughout the day even when you are in a foul mood. They still love you when you nod off. In effect, all they know is to love you and love you unconditionally.

2. They are loyal

As loyal as a dog goes the old saying. They do not care who you are or how you look. Treat them right and they are loyal to you as long as you live.

3. They protect you.

Small or big they protect you when they sense danger. They have a better sense of hearing and smell and know upfront in case of danger. There have been instances when dogs have saves their masters from a heart attack or fires.

4. They are cute

And can melt any heart. It doesn’t matter how they look, but you can fault the cuteness factor of dogs. Especially those big eyes and the wagging tail.

5. They make you happy

They go berserk when you meet them again even after a few hours. They welcome you like you are the most important person in the whole world. They make you happy with their tricks and antics.

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