5 Things to Know About a Virgo Man

Things to Know About a Virgo Man

Born between the August 22nd and September 23rd, Virgos are a little difficult to understand. A Virgo man is helpful and reliable but also possesses characteristics that can give you much trouble. Here are a few things that would help you deal with a Virgo man and also what to expect if you are having any romantic inclinations towards a Virgo man.

1. Intelligent and Analytical

A Virgo man is highly intelligent and also very analytical which would make him a good researcher. He also knows a lot of things and has a logical mind, which makes it easier for him to advise anyone on anything. Since most of his advice would be of a practical nature, it makes sense to listen to him. A Virgo man thinks with his mind and never lets his emotions interfere with his decisions.

2. Cold and detached

A Virgo man can seem to be cold and detached mainly because he is constant denial about his feelings. Even when his world comes crashing down, he would pretend that everything is alright and that makes him look like hi has no emotions to speak of. The way he feels also reflects on his life. If he is depressed, nothing ever goes right for him and when he is happy, things go his way.

3. Thinker

A Virgo mans mind is constantly at work. Even when he presents a calm and collected exterior, his mind would be in great turmoil trying to bring order into the chaos he is surrounded with. It does not matter even if the chaos has nothing to do with him. He will work towards bringing everything under order. Since everything is so centered round his mind, sometimes his surroundings take a beating and he will be surrounded by shabby things.

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