5 Perfect Places to Go On a First Date

5 Perfect Places to Go On a First Date

Picking a spot for your first date can be mind-wrecking. It has to be perfect, not too casual and yet not so over the top. You want to make an impression, yet not look like you spent all day brooding over it. Here are a few places you could go on a first date, spend a wonderful time and take the first step towards a wonderful relationship.

1. Coffee shop

Grabbing a cup of coffee at a nice coffee shop is a great way to start dating. Its perfect because it keeps the costs and pressure low. Also, it is a great place to just relax and get to know each other at your own pace.

2. Local bar

This one is similar to the coffee shop. A bar is a nice place to get to know your date but make sure you choose a quiet one. You should be able to at least hear what your date says. Also be careful with the drinks. Getting drunk on your first date wouldn’t really help you much.

3. Movie theater

Watching a movie on the first date is indeed a cliché but the fact remains, it’s also safe. Choose a movie that you and your date both would enjoy.

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