4 Tips for Wearing Colored Mascara

4 Tips for Wearing Colored Mascara

If you like following makeup trends, there are so many things to do with colors. If you like wearing mascara, then you would be glad to know that colored mascara is in fashion this season. If you are worried whether it would look good on your eyes or not, then we have some tips for wearing colored mascara. With the right tips, any woman can wear colored mascara, so read on to know more.

1. Choose the right color for eyes

For wearing colored mascara, every woman should keep her eye color in mind. Purple mascara looks great with blue eyes. Purple mascara also goes with light brown color. Green and brown mascara goes well with black eyes and green eyes. For black eyes, gray and pink mascara looks good. Choosing the right mascara shade for eye color can enhance the look of the eyes. Do keep this in mind, the next time you apply colored mascara.

2. Wear it according to need

Wear mascara depending on the need. For casual makeup, it is good to wear a single coat of colored mascara. For party makeup, apply two to three coats. Or else apply a volume colored mascara for a party. Do highlight the edges of the eyes while wearing colored mascara. It should spread properly to give a defining look to the eyes. Mascara makes the eyes look sexy, do apply it wisely.

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