10 Things Your Feet Say About Your Health

Things Your Feet Say About Your Health

Feet are at the bottom of our body, but they can reveal all about our well being from top to bottom. There’s a lot your feet can tell about your health. Read on to know how:

1. Stubborn wounds/sores that won’t heal

There’s a reason it’s called ‘diabetic foot.’ It starts from feet. Any stubborn sore or wound which is not healing or showing very slow signs of recovery calls for immediate attention because it points towards diabetes, often the advanced kind.

2. Yellow Toenails

Do you look at your toenails and find them repulsive? Instead of the beautiful ones, do you see ugly yellowish tinted nails? It’s a pointer that you may be looking at some fungal infection. Go see a doctor immediately.

3. ‘Spoon shaped’ Toenails

A simple look at your toenails can reveal if you are suffering from anemia. If you have got spoon like indentations on your toes, it might be an indicator that your hemoglobin levels are low. Visit your doctor to know for sure.

4. ‘Gouty’ Big Toe

If you find your toe grown larger and bigger, that can spell trouble. It’s probably the first sign of gout where excess uric acid accumulates in the body. Get it checked immediately.

5. ‘Cold’ is not cool when it comes to feet

Cold feet especially in women can mean problems with thyroid gland. It’s always better to get it checked and treated.

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