How to Become Rich While Enjoying Life?

How to Become Rich While Enjoying Life?

Since time immemorial, mankind has always believed in one common fallacy, ‘becoming rich is the key to a happy life’. Nurturing such negative thoughts all these years has resulted in one serious problem – we have lost the power to differentiate or relate between life and wealth. Before we sit down to discuss about how to enjoy life and become rich, we must try and realize what exactly life is.

Life is when we tend to avoid all the imposed necessities and follow our passion, our dream. Life is when we tend to float like a bird in the open skies; life is when we tend to give re-birth to the child buried inside everyone of us. But the question that immediately follows is how do we become rich while leading our life to its fullest?

One can be a billionaire, he can own a private jet, a Ferrari, enjoy dinner at luxurious hotels etc. But, if he has achieved all of these by working forcibly, often feeling tired of the ordeals, compromising with his passion, family and life, it doesn’t matter how successful and rich he is at the end of the day, if it is going to leave his epitaph incomplete. Thus, it is very important that we set our goals right before starting off with our career. Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, or even Steve Jobs have all followed their passion, did what they enjoyed doing the most, and in the process, they enjoyed their life and even managed to rake in billions of dollars in their accounts.

It is said, “Seek excellence and success will follow you”. Only those who realize their destiny and enjoy their journey towards it are able to excel in life. With this excellence comes success and all those who continue to strive for further excellence, carrying on with their passion, are the ones who are blessed with all the wealth and all the happiness in the world.

Life is short, think positive and enjoy every bit of it, and see your mind create wonders.

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