5 Things to Do On a Rainy Day

5 Things to Do On a Rainy Day

Rain is the one of the most enjoyable natural phenomenon, which has been gifted to mankind. Sadly, due to our fast paced and competitive life, most of us have no time to enjoy these small pleasures. For those who are thinking on what needs to be done when it rains, here are some tips. Check out these 5 things to do on a rainy day.

1. Watch

As simple as it gets, observe the rain from a place where you are able to enjoy the view of the rain falling down on earth and people reacting to the tiny drops of water falling on them. Forget all your worries and enjoy the natural activity to re-energize yourself.

2. Get Drenched

Never bother taking an umbrella, just get into the rain and feel it. Feel the coldness of the tiny drops and enjoy the little drops as they fall on your body. If possible and you don’t care much about what people might think, go for a dance move which you always wanted to try and sizzle it out in the rain. Just shake your body as per your will and remember, the tiny raindrops are the purest form of water.

3. Make Paper Boats

This is another activity you can do while you get yourself drenched. Make a paper boat, allow it to flow in the path of water and follow it to see where it leads. To make it more competitive and enjoyable, pull your closed ones along with you in the rain and challenge for a boat race and see who wins the race. Of course, winning is not everything but enjoying the moment with others is what is to be learnt out of any activity.

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