9 Ways to be a Good Citizen

9 Ways to be a Good Citizen

By being a good citizen you will not only make a difference to the society, but this will also help in your personal growth. There are no specific rules which describe a ‘good citizen’. By small acts of kindness, you can bring a considerable change. Listed below are some ways to be a good citizen, read on.

1. Respect everyone

Respect everyone around you. If you respect people, then you will get respect in return. If you are arrogant and rude, do you expect people to be nice to you? Respect everyone’s opinion around you, because that matters the most in life.

2. Be kind

Do not limit your kindness at home. Spread your kindness all around by helping others. Be kind enough to ask someone if they need any help. Be kind enough to support someone when they need you. Your act of kindness will always stay in their hearts forever. Smile and treat everyone equally, that will certainly make you a good citizen.

3. Follow all rules and laws

If you want to live in a better society, then start with your own actions. Follow every rule and law as set by the norms. The next time you speed your car on the road, do remember this point. If you follow all the rules dutifully, you will only feel good.

4. Be informed

Be well informed about the world. Keep an update on daily happenings around your place and surroundings. Do not be ignorant of things which are important. Read the newspaper on a daily basis or watch news channels for ten to fifteen minutes. As a good citizen, it is a must to stay well informed of the world around you.

5. Acceptance is important

It is important to accept the responsibility of your own actions. If you run away from the situation, this will not solve the issue. If you are responsible for something that has caused damage, then accept your role in it. Apologize for your actions and behavior.

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