5 Great Tips to Get Out of a Relationship Rut

5 Great Tips to Get Out of a Relationship Rut

When two people start off a relationship together, everything seems absolutely perfect and magical. The ‘honeymoon phase’, as it is rightly termed, is the best one, because you and your partner are always with each other. Even with a slight distance, you are looking for ways to get closer to each other, and all you want is to cuddle, spend time together, act mushy, and live a beautiful life. However, as the relationship progresses, other things come in, such as financial issues, individual stress of careers, marriage, kids etc. And soon, you realize that there is no charm or magic left between the two of you. Unfortunately, what a lot of people do at this stage is to curse their relationship altogether, thinking that it’s over, and that there is no point in them being together. However, the truth is that this is your ‘testing’ phase, where you need to prove your love and passion for your partner and your relationship, by means of support and understanding, instead of the earlier mushy and romantic ways. You need to make the relationship work by trying out new things, and getting out of the rut. Here’s how:

1. Communicate with each other

Half the problems arise because we somehow expect our partner to understand us magically, as if he sits inside our brain and knows exactly what we are thinking. That can’t happen. Let’s be realistic and logical, the only way the other person will get to know of what you are thinking and going through is when you tell him about it. Find time to talk about your day, your life, and in general, just about anything. The more you communicate with your partner, the more you’ll understand each other, and the stronger will be your bond.

2. Break the monotony

You’re both trapped in a cycle of monotony with work and daily pressures of life. Break that monotony by spending time with each other, and planning a nice holiday once in a while. This is not only important to help you relax and rejuvenate, but to also help you rediscover your relationship, and get the lost charm back in it. In other words, do something new, and drop your daily timetable for a few days.

3. Reignite sexual passion

It happens a lot of times that as people progress in their relationship; they reach a stage where they are so caught up with work and other things that they lose the desire to sexually connect with their partner. Don’t let that happen to yourself. Make sure that you do find the time to include sexual passion and desire in your relationship, as it is not just a physically pleasurable exercise, but a way of expressing your love to your partner.

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