8 Tips to Carry Off a Dark Lipstick Well

8 Tips to Carry Off a Dark Lipstick Well

A lot of women like mild shades of lipsticks whereas some women prefer darker shades. How many times have you actually thought of wearing a dark lipstick but have shied away thinking it won’t suit you? Some women think that it is beyond their years to wear dark lipstick. Are you one of those women who is not able to carry off dark lipstick shades? Do you want to carry off those sensuous colors with confidence? If your answer is ‘Yes’ then this is the right page for you.

1. Decide if you want gloss, sheer or matte

Anyone can carry off a dark shade! Crème and glossy lipsticks are your best bets. You can try a shimmery or frosted finish for your night out. A sheer finish is a good option too as it gives your lips a light wash of color that can be very feminine and flattering. Matte shades can make your lips look thin. So, if you have thin lips this is a big no-no. If you have full lips and want to make them look thinner, then you can opt for a matte lipstick.

2. Match the shade with your skin tone

Find the most suitable shade for your skin tone. Fair women look the best with dark red, deep pink and mauve lipsticks and can also opt for dark orange. Women with dusky complexions look the best with cherry red, plum, purple and browns.

3. Use lip liner

Lip liner is more important than one might assume. It blends well with the lipstick and the right lip liner can give a proper and plumper shape to your lips. It’s always a good idea for your lip liner to be at least two shades darker than that perfect dark lipstick of yours!

4. Use lip primer

Lip primer is like foundation for your lips. It helps keep your lipstick in place and also prevents fading and bleeding of color. Lip primers usually have natural ingredients like jojoba. This is a must if you don’t want that dark lipstick running out on you!

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