5 Facts to Know About Rachel Canning Who has Sued her Parents

Facts to Know About Rachel Canning Who has Sued her Parents

Rachel Canning is an honor student at Morris Catholic High School in Denville. She is a bright young mind and a high school cheerleader who recently made news because of legally suing her parents for not paying for her college. Rachel lost the case but the judge has offered to look into the matter again in April. Below are the 5 facts that shed more light on this bizarre case.

1. Like any other teenage girl, Rachel also had a boyfriend who apparently was a sore spot for the parents. According to reports, her parents have said that the unnamed boyfriend, “apparently has no supervision, was given an out-of-school suspension and had access to a car.” They asked her to either leave him or the house. Rachel gladly chose the latter and started living with a friend whose father was a lawyer. He advised Rachel to seek legal help in this regard.

2. Rachel Canning has already been awarded a scholarship worth $20,000 at the University of Vermont but her father refuses to pay up any further. As per her lawyer, she is a bright child and has been accepted at almost all the schools which are running deadlines.

3. Rachel also told the court that her father got her really drunk and sometimes woke her up in the middle of the night to play beer pong. She blamed that her former Police Chief dad also said once that he does not think of her as a daughter, but “more than that”.

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