Is It Love Or Lust?

Is It Love Or Lust?

Are you confused, unable to understand whether the relationship you are in is true love or only infatuation? Do you sometimes wonder whether carrying forward the relationship seriously would be a good idea because you are really not sure whether it is the kind of love that will last for as long as you live? There are certain factors you need to identify and evaluate before concluding what exactly it is – love or lust. Then you can take decisions accordingly.

It is ‘LUST’ if

1. You focus on his body and good looks more than anything else. If it was love at first sight, try to figure out what exactly is it that made you fall in love with him. Was it his charm? Was it his behavior? Was it his smile? Or was it only his looks and hot body? Have you actually looked at the inner person and evaluated his characteristics? Have you found out if he has a wonderful heart? If not, it surely is only lust.

2. You are only interested in having sex with him. You always fantasize about the most intimate moments you spend with him and really do not care about all the other things that you do together. If everything else you do is only a preparation for sex, then you are not in love with him. You are interested only in the physical relation which will wear out over time.

3. You love him but not as a friend. There is no doubt that you love him but only as a lover. So you put up with everything else as your main focus is sex. But true love involves friendship. You have to be intricately involved with person at all levels and everything you do together, not only sex. If such is not the case, then surely it is lust.

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