5 Facts to Know About Stockings the Kitten

Facts to Know About Stockings the Kitten

The kitten named Stockings made recent news as he was born with a rare malformation and could not walk or stand. The Chicago animal shelter took him in and gave him a second chance to life. He is also getting the treatment to fight this condition so that he can be on his feet again. Stockings, when came to the Tree House Humane Society, had his legs fixed with each other in a “W” position and were turned inwards. The kitten got around by scooting on his hind hocks. He was not only underweight but also had infection in his upper respiratory system. Here are some quick facts about the cat and his brave journey.

1. Seeing Stockings’ condition when he had to drag himself and his behind, the doctors believed it will be only humane to euthanize him. However, the shelter’s veterinary services doctor decided to put him through medical treatments so that he can walk again someday.

2. While living with his foster mother, Stockings underwent three surgeries. The first one cut the tendons of his joined legs for them to be aligned with the rest of the body.

3. For the first time when his legs were straightened after the surgery, Stockings was wobbly and could not walk as steadily as a normal cat would. However, with care and regular walking routines, he has engaged his hinds into proper walking.

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