5 Facts About Anti-Perspirants

5 Facts About Anti-Perspirants

You may be using a roll on or a spray as your antiperspirant before you step out of the house or after you have a shower. But do you really know what your antiperspirant is all about? Read on to know some facts about the antiperspirant you use.

1. Antiperspirants are different than deodorants

It is common to use the words antiperspirants and deodorants interchangeably, but there is a basic difference between these two terms. Antiperspirants are known to prevent sweating from occurring and deodorants aid in cutting down on the odor that is emanated from sweating or perspiration. So the next time you roll that antiperspirant stick or spray from that bottle of your favorite deodorant, remember the basic difference between the two.

2. Linked to toxins

There are many controversies surrounding the linkage that has been created between antiperspirants and cancer or any other type of toxicity. Experts on the subject say that since antiperspirants clog sweat glands of the underarm skin to prevent perspiration completely, they actually hamper a natural process. To carry out this function, many antiperspirants are known to have aluminum and zirconium that are considered to be carcinogenic. They may lead to toxicity, depending on the quantity and duration for which they are used. This linkage is yet to be proved, but it is a fact that antiperspirants are surrounded with much controversy.

3. Can be applied to underarms only

Antiperspirants are generally available as roll on sticks which are to be applied on underarms only. In contrast to this, deodorants are available in a form of a spray which can be applied on any part of the body excluding sensitive areas.

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