Top 13 Tips On Laptop Maintenance

13 Tips To Take Care Of Your Laptop

If you have a laptop, then you probably know how important a part of your life it is. Or maybe it’s your life? You use it for so many reasons that you’ve lost count. Doesn’t it require care and love just like others do, if it’s so important to you? Here are a few tips to take care of your laptop in a better way.

1. Don’t touch the screen

The screen or display monitor of your laptop is very significant for doing all your work. Even if your laptop is working properly, but the screen shows garbled images or becomes blank that will be a total loss to you. Take care when you are cleaning the screen, use proper materials to clean the screen or it may damage it further. Don’t touch the screen with your fingers as this may leave spots on it or if you press the screen too hard then it might damage it.

2. Keep the laptop in a cool environment

You should always keep your laptop in a very comfortable place. If you are traveling, make sure you take all the necessary precautions to keep it safe. Whether it’s in use or not, keep your laptop where it can get sufficient amount of clean air. Just as you require fresh air to breathe, even your laptop requires the same to work fine. Keep it away from humidity and dust.

3. Install an antivirus software

There are plenty of options available in the market when it comes to antivirus softwares. You must buy a licensed copy and install it on your laptop. Viruses are very harmful for your laptop. They can have various effects on your laptop from slowing it down to causing malfunctioning of the OS.

4. Keep food and drinks away

If you are really hungry, then you should go to the dining table and eat your food. Avoid getting chips or any snacks near your laptop. When you want to drink anything, turn your chair and then drink it. The main thing here is that you should take care that any food or drink must not fall on your laptop.

5. Carry it in a proper bag

Use either a backpack or shoulder bag to carry your laptop. As an extra measure, you could also get a proper sized laptop case and keep the laptop inside that and keep the whole thing in your bag.

6. Don’t drop it

We know you need to carry your laptop to college/work. But make sure you don’t commit the mistake of dropping it anywhere. Either on the metro or bus, you need to take care of your laptop so that the bag doesn’t slip from your hand or gets snatched away too. That’s also a possibility.

7. Put it on sleep when you are away

You shouldn’t keep your laptop running when you have gone for dinner or are busy on the phone. Just put it on hibernate or sleep mode. In this way, it won’t be using much of power and this will also give it a longer and healthier life.

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