Do’s And Don’ts Of Washing Clothes

Do's And Don'ts Of Cloth Washing

“I hate doing the laundry. But I also hate dirty and smelly clothes.” No, I am not reading your mind. This is what most women on the planet feel like. As boring as it sounds, here are some do’s and don’ts of washing clothes that you can follow. Get the bubble back in your laundry!

Do’s of washing clothes

Organize the laundry

This is one of the most important Do’s. Get your act together – organize your laundry. What’s the point? Well, the point is to spend as much less time as you can in there. And the easiest way to do this is to put everything in order. Have a set place for each item- your soap, your liquids, your basket, your table, and so on. I’d suggest you put them in a small chair, bench or a stool. Trust me, it will be your best friend when you want to take that two minute breather!

Maintain order in your wash

Doing your whites, doing your delicates, doing your colors, doing your special fabrics – you cannot do them together, whether you like it or not. Sometimes I wonder what those scientists are up to in their fancy labs. Don’t you wish they invented a washing machine which would separate all these and do everything automatically? Okay time to stop dreaming. I suggest that you maintain an order in your wash and do it as a habit. It’s the best way to cut down on time and avoid bloopers. By bloopers I mean white panties gone pink or white t-shirts gone red. You know what I mean, don’t you?

Always have the correct water temperature for washing clothes

Having the correct water temperature goes a long way in washing. Yeah, I have learnt this the hard way until a friend of mine gave me a quick lesson or two. Hot water is the best for whites and colorfast clothes – and also for heavily stained clothes. I use warm water for clothes made out of natural fibers and for moderate soiling. Lastly, cold water for those dark or bright colors and for your wools. Take my word – it’s much better to get the temperature sorted out than worry about it once the cycle of that machine starts rumbling.

Use washing bags for delicates

Okay this comes from experience. Problem one – one of my bra wires got loose and caught in the washing machine. Disaster! Problem two – some of my clothes including t-shirts are just too delicate to be directly put in the nasty spin of the machine. They come out with wear and tear on the fabric. Like split ends on the hair. Solution? Simply use a washing bag for all your delicates. Delicates can be your whites, your underwear, or any other delicate clothes that you may not want to take a chance ruining.

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