5 Extremely Lame Stereotypes About Women

4. Women don’t like to play video games

Instead it is believed that women prefer to stitch, cook, paint, do gardening and other such lighter things. Practices that are more fun like video games, sports and so on are believed to be liked by men. This is yet another example of a baseless stereotype. There are plenty of women out there who love to spend hours playing Counterstrike or Warcraft. It is amusing how these stereotypes fail to notice such women.

5. Women are responsible for raising children

And what about men? Are they not equally responsible? Is it not the father’s responsibility too to spend some quality time with his children and imbibe good manners in them? In the past it was the man’s responsibility to go to work, while the woman used to sit at home and look after the children. Today, times have changed and both men and women work. In such a situation, it is vital that the two of them share equal responsibility instead of just expecting the woman of the house to raise children.

While there are plenty more absurd stereotypes about women that are often debated on by men, these are some of the biggest ones.

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