5 Extremely Lame Stereotypes About Women

5 Extremely Lame Stereotypes About Women

In spite of the strong women empowerment we see today, some amount of stereotyping when it comes to the fairer sex still prevails. Be it in the form of humor, debates or grounded beliefs, there are several annoying and baseless stereotypes about women that are believed to be true. Listed below are 5 such extremely lame stereotypes about women. Have a look.

1. Women are bad drivers

This is a stereotype that is accepted unanimously by people all around the world! You would never know from where that came from, but jokes on how bad women are at driving are pretty common. Most men actually believe that women can’t drive or are bad drivers. You may be knowing of a zillion of horrible male drivers, but no one really remembers them. As far as a women is concerned, no matter how much of a good driver a woman actually is, one mistake and no one forgets it!

2. Women are chatter boxes

Says who? Seriously! Yes, women generally love talk but so do men! How can somebody just generalize and claim that the title of being a chatterbox goes only to the fairer sex? Haven’t you ever been on a date with a guy who just won’t stop talking? Then why categorize women as chatterboxes? This stereotype is completely baseless and has no possible logic attached. Or maybe this is just a tool to satisfy the orthodox belief that women shouldn’t be allowed to speak in public.

3. Women are wimps

Often in movies, women are showcased as the one with all the fears. When something scary takes place, they show a lady running towards a man for help. These movies have laid down the stereotype about women to be naturally perceived as wimps, in spite of this being far from the truth. If a woman has the courage to go through her menstrual cycle at a very young age or give birth to a baby through a painful delivery process, she can’t possibly be a wimp. If she was and had refused to go through this, human race would have been extinct a long time ago.

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