5 Different Types of Mascaras and Their Uses

Different Types Of Mascaras and Their Uses

Mascara is a very useful eye makeup application to make your eyelashes look curled; give you a more accentuated and graceful appearance, complementing your eye color and the eye shadow. You all might think that mascara is only available in the liquid form; however there are different types of mascara available for varied purposes. Here are 5 different types mascara and their uses.

1.Powder mascara

Powder mascara is an age-old technique used by models and actresses very long time ago. Its utility and benefits never lets it go out of fashion. It’s very different from wet or dry mascara. You add few drops of water into it and paint your lashes from the edge to the tip. The mascara immediately settles and it looks as though you have got yourself fake eye lashes. It’s very useful when you are in a hurry or you are going somewhere nearby but not for a daylong event.

2.Cream mascara

And then you have the cream mascara which enhances the eyelashes which are more fine and lesser and don’t have enough volume. So if you have very fine lashes, the mascara’s creamy base will give you the required volume, heaviness and depth. But this can smudge easily so you need a very special kind of applicator.

3.Liquid mascaras

These mascaras are easily found and commonly used by women who have slightly curly eye lashes. It is used to enhance the sharpening effect. These mascaras are available in both smudge and non-smudge which is water proof mascara.

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