13 Things You Didn’t Know About Pregnancy

Things You Didn't Know About Pregnancy

Pregnancy– the wonderful moment all moms-to-be wait for and all dads-to-be look forward to- means different things to different women. After all the wishes are done with, what does a woman actually go through while she is pregnant? Experiences differ. There are some things you’re not prepared for; there are others that you may not know of, but they’re going to be with you for a good while. Here are a few things you didn’t know about pregnancy:

1. ‘Morning sickness’

The common ‘morning sickness’, unfortunately doesn’t stop only in the morning; some women bring out everything they eat/drink throughout the day; and even when they can’t bear to look at any food, they still throw up. At times it can last during the entire period of pregnancy. Another sad part is that you may not be able to stand even the smell of food you’d previously loved; it can act as a trigger to puke.

2. Hunger pangs

For those lucky women who get over the morning sickness, there can be a craving for certain foods or a staggering increase in appetite.

3. Knowing you’re pregnant

Early signs of pregnancy can be a missed period or ‘morning sickness’. Some women experience normal periods for a few months and not know they’re pregnant, when they actually are.

4. Acne effect

So you thought that acne is a thing of your teenage years, did you? Some women break out into a rash of pimples all over their bodies while they’re pregnant.

5. Stretch marks

Women have tried, and in vain, to prevent those dreaded stretch marks from occurring but most women get stretch marks, during the second trimester. The good part is that after delivery, the stretch marks mostly fade away over time.

6. Rubbing the belly

When women become pregnant, they realize that having the belly rubbed when they’re expecting a baby is not a comfortable experience.

7. Uncontrollable bladder

The pressure caused by the fetus/baby on the bladder causes many women to spend sleepless nights as they keep rushing to the washroom to relieve themselves. This can happen during all stages of the pregnancy.

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