6 Reasons Why Spanking Kids is not a Good Idea

6 Reasons Why Spanking Kids is not a Good Idea

There are many cultures across the world that believe that when it comes to bringing up kids, sparing the rod may actually be a good idea. We give you some of the reasons why spanking a child might not be a good thing.

1. It creates fear not learning

If you hit your child every time he/she makes a mistake, then your child will fear you and not respect you. Furthermore, you cannot expect your child to learn how to do the right thing when he/she is constantly afraid of you. Hence, if you wish to ensure that your little one does not keep making the same mistakes again, you should spare the rod.

2. It sets a bad example

When you hit your child, you are conveying a message to your child that the one who is bigger and stronger has the right to be aggressive. Such behavior can have a long term negative effect on a young mind. It might make your child feel that it is the bigger and stronger person who decides what’s right and what’s wrong. Furthermore, by spanking your child, your are sending a message that violence is a viable solution while dealing with life’s problems.

3. It can damage a child’s self-esteem

As parents, you are supposed to protect your kids. However, when children get spanked by the very people who are meant to protect them, it can greatly damage their self-esteem. This can have a negative effect on your child’s mental development and hinder his/her overall well-being.

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