5 Dakota Fanning Movies You Will Love

5 Dakota Fanning Movies You Will Love

Starting her acting career at the age of 5, Dakota Fanning has surely come a long way. Every actor faces highs and lows in their career. Same is the case with Dakota. She has given some best performances, which make her stand out. Talking about her best film roles, there are many to list down. Let us see the Dakota Fanning movies that you will love!

1. Lucy Diamond – I am Sam

The film was about a mentally challenged man, who tried to win custody of his daughter. She played his daughter’s role in the film. It was a difficult and challenging role for her, but she managed to pull it off well. In fact, she played the character so well, that the audience could feel the emotional connection between the father and daughter. This was one of her best film roles.

2. Jane – The Twilight series

Dakota played the role of Jane in the movies ‘New Moon’, ‘The Twilight Sage: Eclipse’ and ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1’. The role was pretty much opposite to the characters she played earlier. However, she confidently played the role of a vampire enforcer in the movie. She is also expected to be seen in the final version of the Twilight series – ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’.

3. Pita – Man On Fire

Her role in the film was really challenging because of the script. The film revolved around the Mexico attacks, but she managed to excel the role even at the young age of 7.

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