5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Spending quality time with your old grandparents will be the best thing you can do for them. However, you can surprise them this Christmas with great gift ideas and spread a smile on their face. From a beautiful cake to an interactive gadget, from cozy blankets to photo albums, anything you give will be cherished by them, as it is not the gifts that count but the sentiments behind it! So, check out 5 gifts that you can present your grandparents this Christmas.

1. Personalized gifts

Personalized gifts are a great choice to surprise your grandparents as it also has an emotional connect with it. From a family photo on a coffee mug to key chain with your family name, a creative family tree to personalized pillow cases, garden stake with a personal touch to a grandma-grandpa photo cube – you have various choices available or maybe you can invent some more.

2. Thumb prints

One good idea to show that you are one beautiful family is to present your grandparents with a unique ceramic plate or tray. This tray can have thumb prints of all family members with respective names labeled across it.

3. Senior-friendly phone

When you are after the latest, fastest and sophisticated models, your grandparents might just need a phone that is simpler and easy to use. For them communication is more important than anything else. A larger, clearer display, loud volume ringer, emergency button, hearing aid-compatibility and senior- friendly keypad are some key features that needs to be in their phone. So, why not gift them one this Christmas? Let them also know how technology has advanced today by keeping in touch with their dear ones.

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