9 Christmas Gift Ideas for Older Brother

9 Christmas Gift Ideas for Older Brother

Having an older brother is probably one of the best things that can happen to you. An older brother is a friend; he protects you, plays with you, teases you and will always be there for you every time you want him. So, what can be an ideal Christmas gift for an older brother? Read on to know more.

1. Books

If your brother is into reading and has a favorite author or more, books are probably one of the best gifts you can give him. The book will go into his assets that will last a lifetime. And every time he picks up the book to read, happy thoughts of beautiful days you spent together will brush past. It is truly a feeling that nothing can replace.

2. Funny t-shirts

T-shirts are functional gifts and if you manage to find some tees with funny words or pictures, they add humor to utility. Your brother will smile every time he sees the t-shirt and there cannot be a better gift than that.

3. Music

Music appeals to all. Your brother ought to have his choice of singers or bands. So, get him tracks from his favorite singers and they will go into his personal collection.

4. DVDs

Movies are always a pleasure to watch. Those nights where your entire family gathered to watch your favorite movies with popcorn were fun. Relive those days by gifting your brother a collection of DVDs you have watched together and enjoyed.

5. Grooming aids

As your brother grows older, he will begin to give more attention to grooming. This is because looking presentable becomes a need at the workplace. Your brother will never stop needing colognes, electric razors, gels or other personal care products.

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