6 Ways to Give Your Home a Quick Makeover

6 Ways to Give Your Home a Quick Makeover

Are you bored with the drab look of your home? Do you want to spruce it up without spending too much money? Do you want to make your house look straight out of an interior decorating magazine? Here are a few smart ways you can use to give your home a quick makeover.

1. Use textured wall paints

Gone are the days when you had no choice but to paint the walls of your house with a solid color. Today, colors are available in textured options too. Get rid of tacky wallpapers or boring solid colored walls and give them a dash of life with a textured paint. You can choose from natural effects of stone, grass, water or charcoal along with artificial options of mosaics, checks, lines and plaid designs if you opt for textured paints. You can even use textured paint on one wall and accentuate its effect by contrasting it with solid colored paints on other walls.

2. Change your upholstery

Sometimes, the only thing your house needs to look uplifted and cheery is a change in upholstery. Sofa covers and cushions can look worn out after they are used for a few years. Getting upholstery in a totally new color scheme will give your interiors a breath of fresh air. Use plain, sequined and textured upholstery to make your home look new instantly.

3. Stick to a theme and color palette

You can give your home a quick makeover if you stick to a color scheme and a theme before you head out shopping. This will also help you to focus on what you should buy. For example, a royal theme would include a color palette with hues of blue and maximum use of antiques. Whereas, a contemporary theme would include a lot of white, black and gray colors, along with requiring you to keep your interiors minimalistic.

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