10 Amazing Chocolate Desserts

10 Amazing Chocolate Desserts

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Chocolate is the only thing that can sail you through a drowning situation, and also be your companion in happy times! In fact, it is proven by scientists that chocolates act as an antidepressant, and are also good for your heart. So stop worrying so much about your weight issues, and grab a chocolate once in a while to cheer yourself up.

Chocolate lovers do not let any opportunity go waste, to indulge in mouth-watering chocolate dishes. Chocolate desserts are such delights, which attract not only children, but also old people. That is the sheer beauty of desserts; it makes the elderly relive their childhood days.

You do not need an occasion to grab a bar of chocolate or have a mouthful of a delicious chocolate dessert. Pamper your sweet tooth and enjoy the smoldering chocolate desserts listed below.

1. Creamy Chocolate Fudge

Chocolate fudge is simple to make and does not need a lot of preparation. Making creamy chocolate fudge can be a stress buster to many. This dessert mainly originated from the United States and got popular around the world. As it is quick and easy to make, you can prepare this any time to cheer up your kids or friends. Moreover, you can always experiment while making chocolate fudge, by adding your own special touch, thus, making it your trademark style. Surprise your partner with creamy chocolate fudge on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

2. German Chocolate Cake

This is one of the most popular desserts that originated in the United States of America. Yes, as against the common belief, it did not originate in Germany! German Chocolate Cake is extremely lip smacking. Kids at home will savor this dessert, and it will not take them much time to lick the plate clean! Make your birthdays, Valentines Day, and any other happy occasions special by making the yummy German Chocolate Cake. This dessert is a perfect thing to make during Christmas and Thanksgiving Day too.

3. Chocolate Trifle

If you relish rich dark chocolate and fluffy cream, then you will surely enjoy the amazing chocolate trifle recipe. Kids mostly enjoy such desserts, but chocolate has no age bar; so let the elders of the family also enjoy the magic of this dessert. The concept of trifle was originated in the United Kingdom, and became popular in many countries around the world. You serve this dessert in a cup or bowl and eat it with a spoon. This dessert graces any church function, Christmas occasion or Thanksgiving.

4. Éclair Cake

This is something that you can die for, literally! Éclair is one of the most loved candies for children, and to have a cake out of it is a complete winner. Moreover, this cake does not take much time to prepare. All it takes is some graham crackers and a pudding mixture to bring the taste of an éclair. When trying to teach how to make desserts to children, one should start with Éclair cake, as it does not involve baking. This dessert goes with every occasion in the house, and sometimes, without any occasion too! Try it for sure.

5. Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies

The thought of chocolate covered cherry cookies seems so sumptuous, that you just want to eat it right away. Well, lucky for you, making these cookies is not very difficult. The best thing about cookies is that you can make them once, and then store them in a tight jar, and enjoy eating whenever you want. Top the chocolate cookies with maraschino cherries, and cover it with glazing chocolate sauce; then put it to bake. The result is absolutely tempting. These chocolate covered cherry cookies can be served at any small occasions or get-togethers at home.

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