5 Causes of Night Sweats

5 Causes of Night Sweats

Excessive sweating during the night could be due to the climatic conditions, but other than that there are various other reasons related to your health and body that would trigger this problem. Here are 5 causes of night sweats.

1. Side effects of medicine prescriptions

There are certain kinds of medication that have some side effects which show in different ways and sweating at night could be one of them. Anti depressant pills, medication for hormonal imbalance, medicines that help bring down body temperature or that help in bringing down sugar level in your blood could be reasons causing sweating in the night. You need to be aware about the side effects of the medicines you consume. You need to consult your doctor and he might be able to adjust your dose.

2. The menopause phase

At a certain age, all women go through menopause; many hormonal changes take place in the body during this time. Hot flashes and sweating are common symptoms of menopause. This could happen at night too. You might want to consult your doctor and take detailed information about it and other changes that take place during menopause.

3. Cancer symptoms

It may or may not be, but sweating during night is a symptom of early stage of cancer. Lymphoma is one type of cancer which causes night sweats. You must not take this lightly. Cancerous diseases must be curbed and diagnosed at an early stage. It is best to consult a doctor, get tested and rule out such possibilities.

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