5 Ways to have a Fun Day With Your Boyfriend

5 Ways to have a Fun Day With Your Boyfriend

Exploring new things with your boyfriend is an excellent way of having fun. It also helps you to know him better. There is no need to cozy up to each other all the time. Check out these newer ways to have a fun day with your boyfriend.

1. Plan an outdoor activity

There are many activities that can be enjoyed outdoors. Knock on his door one morning and surprise him with a picnic basket. You can carry some games along like badminton or scrabble that you know he will enjoy for sure. You can also go to a carnival, try on those weird masks and play the game of hide n seek in the crowd. Sundays can be dedicated to bicycle rides along the country side.

2. Go for a karaoke night

Have you ever got drunk with him and ended up signing in your worst voice. If not, then look for a pub with karaoke night and book a table. Even if he is not the singing types, you will be surprised by his enthusiasm after few mugs of beer are down. The atmosphere of such places is so lively that your lips start moving to the lyrics on their own. He might just end up climbing the stage and singing one for you.

3. Travel together to a new place

Decide on a place that you both wish to visit. It can be a romantic destination, historical place or even an adventure trip. You can even consider going on a backpacking tour. Try activities like sky diving, bungee jumping, snorkeling or visiting a museum. Taking a break from daily routine and staying together for days will give you an opportunity to know your boyfriend.

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