5 Best Ways to Propose

5 Best Ways to Propose

The romantics out there will agree that the proposal is one of the most joyous, purest, most incredible and selfless things that exist in this big bad materialistic and selfish world of ours. The words, the setting, and a promise of a bright and a better future forever; the moment is perfect! Here are 5 ways that you can propose.

1. Relive the first date

What is more romantic than remembering how your first date went with your other half; where the sparks kindled for the very first time? Take him out in the exact setting; only be more loving and affectionate this time. Give him the perfect date, and when it is time to say goodbye, propose to him instead. Hopefully, he will smile, and say yes!

2. Give a surprise

If you love to surprise your partner, throw him off the track and propose to him in a manner they would never have expected. Maybe at a family reunion, or in a movie theater – it should be such a place that he would not see it coming. Bam! You pop the question, he is taken aback, and the next thing you know is that he agrees!

3. Make it a big deal

Make sure your apartment is empty. Invite him over casually. When he opens the door what does he see? Roses and candles everywhere! At one prominent place – maybe over the fireplace, or the piano, or some giant window, or even on a wall – are the words, “Will you marry me?” This would hopefully end in tears, a giant hug, a sweet kiss and of course a big yes and a peaceful feeling swirling around the two of you for hours.

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