5 Treatments for Acne Rosacea

5 Treatments for Acne Rosacea

Acne Rosacea though is known to be an incurable disease, it can be taken care of by taking proper medication, prescribed by a doctor or a dermatologist. Preventing your skin from getting burnt from sun and healthy food habits also help in keeping the skin healthy and acne free. Here are some of the treatments for acne rosacea.

1. Creams and gels

The most basic form of treatment is use of topical creams prescribed by a doctor. Chemicals like metronidazole and Azelic Acid are a part of these creams that have to be applied two to three times a day after washing the areas affected with warm and cold water. If the acne is fresh, there are chances that it would ward off with time.

2. Oral medication

If the topical creams do not work and the acne remains or worsens, then a doctor would prescribe oral medicines and antibiotics. These antibiotics contain tetracycline, amoxicyline and minocycline. These must not be taken over the counter or without a dermatologist’s advice. Erithromycin is also used to treat this kind of acne. Oral antibiotics do have some side effects. These antibiotics help in controlling the formation of puss and inflammation.

3. Strong oral medication

A strong antibiotic called isotetrinoin is used if the acne is filled with puss, is increasing rapidly, leaving the skin to thicken and is difficult to deal with regular medication. This medicine must be taken under supervision and specially if it is to be taken by pregnant women or teenagers. The side effects of this medicine are many and so one must be careful while using it.

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