5 Beauty Tips for Clear Skin

5 Beauty Tips for Clear Skin

It is very essential to take good care of your skin due to exposure to dirt and pollutants. You need to take care of your skin according to the skin type and quality. There are chances you may suffer from many skin problems. Hence, you need to follow a beauty routine for achieving clear skin. Here are 5 beauty tips for clear skin.

1. Apply sunblock before stepping out

It is imperative to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays during the day time. You should compulsorily apply sunblock that suits your skin type of a higher SPF that would efficiently protect your skin. Apply the sun block at least 15 –20 minutes before going out so that it gets absorbed in thoroughly.

2. Clean your skin at the end of the day

At the end of the day when you have traveled, your skin has come in contact with pollution, dust, dirt and other particles which cause a lot of damage. You need to clean your face with cleansing milk, astringent or go natural with rose water. Once you have removed the layer of dirt completely, then use a face wash and clean your face. Apply any vitamin essential oil or a cream that suits you for softness and nourishment.

3. Remove makeup

Makeup surely hides all the flaws on your skin and enhances your beauty, but it also has harmful effects on your skin. Firstly use good quality branded makeup and try to limit its use as far as possible. After you return from work, party or any outing, make it a point to immediately clean the makeup with makeup removal lotion then rinse your face and finally apply skin softening oil or cream. If makeup stays on the skin, it will clog the pores.

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