5 Ways We Shame Other Women in Life

5 Ways We Shame Other Women in Life

Instead of helping other women rise above the shame, we often engage in practices that end up throwing them deep into that hole. The behavior that we follow often causes harm to other women. We give you some of the ways in which we as women end up shaming other women.

1. Gossiping

We all love to gossip. And some women love it more than others. But sometimes this idle talk can lead to some lasting problems. It is quite possible that the rumor that you are spreading as a mere joke could end up hurting the other in more ways than you can imagine. Spreading rumors without taking any time and effort to know the real truth can lead to severe crisis for the girl in question.

2. Passing judgments

Being full of judgments is another way in which we shame other women. Being biased against some woman just because she has a different lifestyle or has a different opinion than you does not give you any right to judge her. Unless you walk a mile in her shoes, you’ll never understand why she is the way she is.

3. Feeling jealous

Irrespective of how old you are, you are bound to feel jealous towards some other female who has a better lifestyle, higher accomplishments, or a seemingly easier life than yours. It is a human tendency to compare things with those who seem better off than you. However, if this jealousy takes an extreme form, it can prove detrimental and even ruin someone’s life.

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