8 Weird Never Heard Before Careers

8 Weird Never Heard Before Careers

There are normal careers, high paying careers and then there are weird careers. Here listed are 8 jobs that you may never have heard of before, and will wonder who do these jobs. But there are people out there who can call these hip jobs their occupations, so let’s have a look at some of the weirdest careers on the planet.

1. Human mannequin or statue

For becoming a human mannequin that displays clothes on window stores, you need to have tremendous focus and patience, not get easily distracted as your job requires you to stand in that position for hours altogether. Same goes for those people whose job is to get painted artfully, resemble a statue, stand in a public place and fool the people.

2. Beer tester

You would think that life would be a party if your job involved tasting different new kinds of beer everyday. However, professional testers have to take a sip, test its taste and quality and then spit it out so that they can test other beers and not get drunk.

3. Ball tester

Just like the beer tester, ball tester test sports balls for pressure, roundness, evenness, the distance they go, firmness, etc. Yes, they play all day long, their work is their play!

4. Gold re-claimer

These people have quite an icky job. They have to extract gold from old people’s teeth after they die and melt them into gold pellets.

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