6 Stages of Relationships That Every Couple Goes Through

6 Stages of Relationships That Every Couple Goes Through

When two people are in love, they don’t directly enter the phase of being in a committed relationship. They gradually go through various stages in their relationship in which they experience different emotions for each other. While some couples call it quits midway, some are able to go all the way to the end. Read on to find about the various stages of relationships that every couple goes through.

1. Infatuation

Most couples tend to start off with the phase of infatuation. For some it might be love at first sight and for others it could start from having a liking for each other. Infatuation tends to involve a higher degree of physical attraction rather than any emotional connect. That is the reason couples are usually advised to wait and test to see whether their attraction to each other outgrows the infatuation phase or not. Many couples tend to confuse infatuation for having fallen in love.

2. Extreme fondness for each other

The second stage in the relationship cycle involves both partners being extremely fond of each other. They may or may not have committed to each other yet, but from the inside they know that they crave for each other desperately. This is the phase when couples date and try to gauge their compatibility with each other.

3. Romance and the rose tinted world

Once partners utter the magical words I Love You to each other, the stage of romance officially starts. This is the time when they can see nothing except each other. Their worldview becomes completely rose tinted. This stage could involve physical intimacy, a deep emotional connection and possibly a casual introduction to each other’s families.

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