How To Break Up A Long Distance Relationship

How to break up a long distance relationship

Not all relationships are meant to culminate in marriage. Sometimes when you are not happy in a relationship, no matter how hard you try, it is best to let go of it. Breaking up with someone is never easy. And when it is a long distance relationship, it becomes even harder. Dragging yourself through a relationship just because you don’t want to hurt another person will cause emotional damage and frustration for you. Do you really want to put yourself through all of that? It is better to end a relationship where you’re not happy, than lying to yourself that you are. I’ll tell you how you can break up with your long distance partner by hurting him the least.

1. Think over it

Before you make up your mind that you want to end your relationship with your partner, think about it. Make sure, that is exactly what you want to do. Don’t think of breaking up because of petty reasons that can be easily repaired. Breaking up with your partner and then realizing that you want to get back to him can be very frustrating. So give a lot of thought to this decision.

2. Plan it up

You know your partner more than anybody else does. So make plans as to what you’re going to say depending on the kind of person he is. You may practice a number of times before you finally speak to your partner. As far as possible, try to meet him in person. Once upon a time he was an important part of your life. When you’re ending your relationship with him, make sure you do it with respect. It is always better to speak about something as sensitive as this in person rather than over the phone or by mail.

3. Choose an appropriate date

Skip important days like birthdays, anniversaries or festivals to break up with him. Keep it on a date that is of less importance to him. Also choose a date and time when the two of you will have the most amount of privacy.

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