Top 11 Erogenous Zones for Men

Top 11 Erogenous Zones for Men

There is nothing better for a man than being satisfied in bed by his woman. However, there are many women who face problems in exciting and stimulating their man. To overcome this issue, women need to be aware of the top erogenous zones in men, which excite them completely and prepare them for the act. Erogenous zones are body parts that stimulate you and add passion to your sex life. Knowing these pleasure points will make every love-making session a passionate one. Here is a list of erogenous zones to get your man’s pulse racing.

1. Hair

Caressing your man’s hair after a long and tiring day can relax him and also excite him. Just run your fingers through his hair and squeeze it with your fingertips, and he will be ready to take your command immediately. It has also been noticed that men enjoy this act a lot and want their woman to do it almost regularly before initiating sex.

2. Neck

The area near and around the neck is the most sensitive part of the human body. This is one of the primary erogenous zones for a man. All you have to do is come closer and breathe slowly on his neck to witness your man already getting into the mood. Touch, kiss and lick the area near the neck, and you will immediately strike the chord for a good-quality foreplay session. Try this when you are on the top and leading him.

3. Ears

Another sensitive and sexually arousing area are the ears. Just come close to his ears and kiss them sensually. You will have your man begging for more. If you want his erection to have a long lasting effect, then make sure you lick and nibble his ears and also say naughty things to him. This will stimulate him further, and he will have a good sexual arousal.

4. Fingers

Fingers can be a great element in arousing a man. Excite your man by putting his fingers in your mouth and suck them. The similarity it has to oral sex will work wonders on your man. As you do this, your man will be highly aroused for some good foreplay and passionate sex thereafter.

5. Nipples

Unlike women, not all men love having their nipples fondled. For some it may be irritating, but for many it is highly stimulating. Manipulate your man’s nipples with your fingers, tongue or mouth and enjoy an amazing session of quality foreplay. You can also suck and lick the nipples for him to enjoy it with more passion.

6. Back and Coccyx

Sometimes, the simplest of things turn out to be the most stimulating factors in men for sexual arousal and pleasure. One such way is caressing the back and coccyx of a man. Make your man lie down on his stomach and swirl your tongue on his back from top to bottom. This will excite him for sure. Also, massaging his back can earn you brownie points from your man.

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