4 Types of Neighbors and How to Deal with Them

4 Types of Neighbors and How to Deal with Them

Neighbors can be quite a nightmare sometimes. Dealing with different types of neighbors can be a challenging task, but definitely it’s not an impossible one. Here are some tips to help you in this difficult task:

1. Neighbor Type: The Curious Cat

This breed of neighbor is the curious cat. Rather than living their life, they are more interested in knowing what’s happening in your life and they leave no stones unturned to find out what’s up with you. Dealing with them can be quite a thing. If you decide to feed the curiosity by providing details, then it will be like adding fuel to the fire. They’ll persistently want to know more and more. So the best way to deal with them is to ignore them. To every glance and every irritating question about your private life, just smile and move on. If she still doesn’t budge, simply skirt the issue and throw the ball in her court by asking her all sorts of questions about her private life!

2. Neighbor Type: The Persistent Demander

Whether it’s for an ounce of milk or a cup of coffee, you find this persistent demander often standing at your door with a shameless smile on his/her face. They often seem to run out of things at the last moment and would come to you for ‘help’. If no subtle hints seem to be working with them, then turn the tables on her. Every other day, enact her role and become the persistent demander, asking things from her. Soon she’ll get fed up and stop pestering you.

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