7 Signs You are Stubborn

Signs You are Stubborn

You think you are strong willed, assertive and focused. But you have never heard anyone call you that. Instead, you often hear people calling you stubborn and beg you to yield to their plans occasionally. Stubbornness is one of the prime reasons for failed marriages. Here are few signs that you are as stubborn as the coffee stains on your coasters.

1. You are surrounded by people who love your plans

You only end up with people who give a willing nod to your plans. Those who have showed resistance to your ideals, opinions and plans have somehow found themselves cast aside.

2. You often get into argument with your friends or siblings

Have you ever found yourself taking a momentary pause in an argument trying to understand the other person’s point of view? If no you might be more stubborn than you think.

3. Your disposition is of a lamppost when someone gives you their piece of mind

You have an expression that reads “No way”. You do not welcome pattern of thoughts and ideals that are different from yours.

4. You believe that you are in control of everything

A stubborn person does not encourage change in plans and dreams. You stick to Plan A even if your loved ones or circumstances around are in favor of Plan B.

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