7 Signs That Tell He Is Not Interested In You Anymore

7 Signs That Tell He Is Not Interested In You Anymore

Wish to know if your relationship is heading the right way? Confused and scared about the fact that he is not serious about you anymore? Then, you must read through these signs that tell he is not interested in you anymore.

1. There is a loss of communication. With fewer conversations and calls, the discussed topics head toward the worse. The initial romantic talk fades away, making space for dead and irrelevant conversations.

2. Most of the conversations end with an argument or you crying. Even the simplest and sweetest conversations are no longer easy to handle. This is the stage where blaming takes over protectiveness. He tends to blame you for everything and expresses that he is better off without you.

3. He begins to mention about his previous relationships or kids often. It means it is not you he cares about now. Telling how they were better than you and how you can’t fill their space are clear signs that it is time you start considering your options about this relationship.

4. He tends to keep you away from social gatherings. A guy who loves you would want you to meet the people whom he cares for. When he disallows you from meeting his friends and family, you know he is not interested in you.

5. He doesn’t want to express his love for you in public. He doesn’t want the world to know you are in a relationship with him. This intends that he is going to call it off pretty soon. Avoiding pictures, posts on social networking sites are clues for you to pick up.

6. Meetings are less frequent. He moves away from you physically. Hugs are no longer tight and kisses no more passionate.

7. Every time you talk about the future of your relationship, he hesitates and changes the topic. He is not interested in you anymore and chances are he doesn’t see a future with you.

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