4 Reasons to Make Your Mother Your Best Friend

4 Reasons to Make Your Mother Your Best Friend

Have you ever realized that the lady slogging it out every day in your kitchen preparing yummy delights for you can be your best friend? Who do we turn to whenever we get hurt or face a grave problem? It’s our own mother, tucked up in the coziness of our homes. The unending flow of questions, the constant queries ever since we were little have been dealt with only by our mothers with great tolerance and patience. But is it right to share your innermost feelings and fears with your mother? Is it right to make your mother your best friend? Here are the reasons to make your mother your best friend.

1. She will be your all time available support system

An emotional shock doesn’t see the time before slipping into your life. You may need a friend’s shoulder right away at this emotionally trying time. So who do you turn to? A mother is available with her valuable suggestions at all times of day and night. Whenever you face a period of agony or conflict in your personal life and are undergoing an emotionally damaging time, you can reach out to your mother for her support and help.

2. She will help you lead a risk free lifestyle

The epitome of consideration and generosity, our loving mother, teaches us to deal with our problems especially during teenage years when the body is taken over by turbulent emotions that run amok. This is the stage of making mistakes; sharing feelings with your mother can guide you right. Having her as a friend, can help you stay away from a promiscuous and a high risk lifestyle.

3. She will instill in you all the necessary morals

In life we are faced with stressful situations in which we need to make the right decisions. These decisions influence the lives of others. We may be faced with situations of sexual harassment, or wrong associations, but our mothers keep us in touch with morals and ingrain us with the values that help us turn into responsible adults. Mothers deal with their children’s faults with patience and fortitude.

4. She will ensure you are never left alone

Having your mother as your best friend ensures you are never alone or insecure, remember she is the only one who accepts you as you are.

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