All You Wanted to Know About The Nutrition Facts of Pineapple

All You Wanted to Know About The Nutrition Facts of Pineapple

A tropical and drought tolerant plant, pineapple is full of nature’s goodness promoting excellent health. Nutrition facts of pineapple will astound you with information and facts that define this nature’s package. The plant grows up till 5-8 feet in height and bears fruits with a fleshy and juicy inside but a scaly and tough exterior. Some of the significant health benefits of pineapple are derived from the presence of the enzyme – bromelain.

Nutrition Facts of Pineapple

A serving size of 165 g contains 82 calories and there are no traces of saturated and trans fats. Cholesterol is also zilch. There is a total carbohydrate content of 22 g; dietary fiber constitutes 2 g and sugars are about 16 g. 2 mg of sodium can be seen in this serving size and protein takes 1 g. Vitamin C is at its highest at 131%. 3% iron, 2% Vitamin A and 2% Calcium are other components. Pineapples are also a rich source of Manganese, Copper, Vitamin B6 and Thiamin. Zero or very low saturated fat content in pineapple easily makes the fruit a great food source amongst dieters and those who want to pull down their weight.

Advantages of Nutritional Components

1. Bromelain has been proved to reduce inflammation as well as specific kinds of swelling. Acute inflammatory conditions such as sinusitis, gout, arthritis and sore throat find solace in this enzyme.

2. Bromelain promotes quick recovery from surgery and injuries.

3. The fruit is an excellent source of manganese plus other minerals that play a significant role in producing energy.

4. Blood circulation and excellent supply of oxygen to cells is promoted due to the presence of Vitamin B1 in pineapple.

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